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Metist – Law Office
0(212) 291 34 80


Metist Law Office

“The rule of virtue can be compared to the Pole Star which commands the homage of the multitude of stars without leaving its place”


Metist Law Firm

Metist Law is an independent Turkish law firm based in Istanbul.

Contact Us

0(212) 291 34 80 / info@en.metist-hukuk.com

Litigation, Dispute Resolution, Mediation

Administrative and public law
Commercial law
Consumer protection
Customs and international trade
Bankruptcy and insolvency
Environmental matters
Intellectual property
Criminal matters
Medical Negligence

Data Privacy, Data Protection and Cybersecurity Law

Tailor-made Data Compliance Programmes
Data Protection Policies
Data Collection
Cross-Border Data Transfers
Privacy Audits and Impact Assessments
Data Monetisation
Liabilities and Penalties under the GDPR and Turkish data protection law
Privacy Related Dispute Resolutions
Digital Risk Reviews
Negotiating Specialist Cyber Agreements
Collaboration with Cyber Security Professionals

Foreign Direct Investment

Complete Investment Process

Corporate Governance & Compliance

Board Composition and Policies
Codes of Conduct
Analysing Corporate Policies
Director & Senior Executive
Contracts & Transitions
Remuneration Structures & Disclosures
Shareholder Engagement
Annual General Meetings & Shareholder Meetings
Capital Management Initiatives (Capital Reductions & Dividend Reinvestment Plans)

Competition Law

Competition Law Proceedings
Competition Law Investigations
Cartels, Leniency Assessments & Applications
Concerted Practices & Anti-Competitive Agreements
Dawn-Raids and Information Requests
Sector Inquiries
Commitments and Negotiations with the Competition Authority
Negative Clearance and Individual Exemption Applications
Competition Law Support in Claims for Damages
Competition Law Litigation
Competition Law Compliance
Market Power and Dominance

Tax Law

Ekibimiz müvekkillerimizin medeni hukuk kaynaklı taleplerini ve miras yolu ile intikal eden terekeye yönelik isteklerini, tecrübeli kadrosu yardımı ile danışmanlık hizmeti de vererek titizlikle yerine

Corporate maintenance services

Pre-structuring Incorporation
Appointment of managers
Conduct of general assembly and board of directors’ meeting Share transfers
Spin-off, merger and change of legal form
Asset transfers and commercial enterprise transfers
Liquidation Tax structuring
Tax office registration
Employment structuring
Comprehensive corporate maintenance services

Banking and Finance

Structured finance

Bank to bank lending

Acquisition financing

Asset and project financing

Debt and equity capital

markets issuances by banks.

Real Estate & Construction

Ekibimiz müvekkillerimizin alacak ve borçları hakkında icra yolu ile tahsili,anlaşmaya varılması durumunda sözleşme ve protokol hazırlanması konusunda uzman kadrosu ile danışmanlık vermekte ve tahsil işlemleri ile

Our Lawyers